Monday, August 31, 2009

Tarawikh at Masjid Tuanku Mizan Zainal Abidin

here are some pictures taken last night (:

huda poyoo as usual harhar

Saturday, August 29, 2009

He’s a Mentalist

Last night, i watched The Mentalist on ntv7. The show is quite cool for the middle ages people.HAHA. no offense. But it turns out i kinda love the plot of the story. The main character ape tah name dieee. He's very good at acting. Mmg menjadi dowh. He is a blur one man. But he got that kind of power that able him to read people's mind. Kind of psychic i guess. Haha. Bo—ring-----.actually it is my first time watch that show last night, then terus suka. Hhahahhh,sengal je dowh.

*Alya,next story please. People are running away from your blog, daaaaa!*


*OK, fine!*

Last Wednesday, i went to ili's house for breaking fast. Sume ade dowhh. Bapak rinduuuu. Except for hamie, she couldn't make it to break fast with us cause she went to her nenek's house with her family. I miss hamiee. I thought leh laaa jumpe sume kat ili's house. But it turns out, hamie x leh dtg. Bgg jeeee. By the way, the others attend this kind of reunion-ceremony. HAHA. Kepala hotak kaw alya. Buka puasa sudahh. Best gilaa jumpe ramai2. I miss our old times, back in form 1 till form 3. Sume adeee. Except amaliah ahhh. Pindah sungai buloh. Saba je ahhh. Dah la u the ONLY friend that attend the same school with me kat seksyen 5 neh. Then, kaw pindah lakk.hahaha. bengang la pulakk, back to the story, i met alia,syakirah,maisarah,shima, haha dak asrama nye name dlu pastu ili of course lah kan,kinah,pipah,najwa and aznee. The boys couldn't make it too. I'm kinda pissed off about that too! If they were there, mesti lagi havoc kot. Syok ah sket. Pastu makan mihun,roti jala blablabla. Desert. Then we catch our prayers in the usual room we always used back then. Haha. Actually aku je slalu msk bilik uh. Then we took some crazy pictures. Then gossiping about the people... you-know-who... x yah cite. Diorang uh gedik la ape lah. Then,about alia's new man.HAHA. macam da kawen la pulakk. Haihh. Juliet la kan name kaw skang.huahua. then, suddenly sape tah pop out with arwah's story, sume sedeyh jee. Al-Fatihah utk arwah.

Then, it's time to go homeee. Hehe. I'm the last person who went home that day. Segann jeee.dah ah slalu tumpang umah ili. Bahulu aku korg bukan nk makan!HAHAHAHAHHH no offense ehh. Saje wat lawakk.hakhak. till we meet again. X de pe da nk cte


Yours sincerely,


Thursday, August 27, 2009

remember this song?

bagi saya lah
anda bagaimana?

HAHAH ayat skema nk mmps

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

yeah, our job's done.

credit to naya zomba HAHA for this picture. that title of the blog is lying right now. don't believe in him, or should i say her. haha. whatever. shut up alya, stop talking craps. haha.actually they or we or us.................... -_- will entering the marching competition district slash daerah level because we have won the other day competition which was being held in the school. grrrr. i'm not joining them this time. bye bye juniors. do your best this time. mantapkan yang jalan uh. terabur dowh kita jalan. hahaha. but whatever it is,thank God we won. paid off gak lah as our skin get darker nowadays because of that marching thingy. HAHA. alhamdulillah. kulit gelap pon korang lawa jugakkk lahh. no worries. and one more thing, i want to thank Anisa Safwa for lending me her nametag on the day of the competition, sorry, i didn't get a chance to meet and to thank her. nanti2 lah akk jumpa kamu ye nisa, the biggest and hardest fan of the DBSK group, if i'm not mistaken , from Korea kan nisa? HAHA. ape2lah. dah abes daaa. we stop here. till we meet again.

yours sincerely,

Best. Show. Ever

HAHAHAHH. today at ili's house, me and ili just read the most hilarious blog ever.yes, ever! in this whole wide world! can you just imagine that? imagine that you are in my shoes. i guarentee 100 percent! you will laugh as hard as you can as you finish or when you're reading this you-know-who's blog. gaga.i'm not telling who the guy is cause it is a extremely private thing.. mane die nk tutup mukaa. but seriously, . ngahhh.

funny gila wehh..dah lahh. let's we move on to another story lahh ..

i'm just finished reading Yahoo TV's blog. and guess what?!! there are lots of retuning shows this fall!! grrrrrrrrrr. i wanna watch all of them! but sounds insane lah kann. melambak gilaa cita kat u.s uh.hahaha.. but this one show that had make me fall in love with it is, Gossip Girl.HAHAHH. mmg batak gilaaa. x sabaaaaaa. hope naim will download all of the episodes as fast as possible soon as the show starts this September 14. gaga.pleaseeee wehh. kat utp tuh en torrent mende2 uh. soo your job will get easier lah, no worries.haha.

and then, another must-see show is HIMYM which is the short-formed for How I Met Your Mother. the show will returns in September 21. can't wait for this up-coming season! do you guys ever watched this show before? hilarious gilaaaa. tapi x elok sket lah. hahahahh. but i always watched it at ntv7, they have cut the censored scenes lah. jangan bimbang. PG.HAHA.

so as the conclusion,haha... tepuk dada tanya selera lah, ade belambak returning shows this fall, usha2 je kat yahoo tv uh. pastu download or just wait for the shows to come to Malaysia.!! haha. tunggu je lah 10 tahun pon x dpt tgk sume pon. gaga.

yours sincerely,

Friday, August 14, 2009

marching fever!

duh. only 2 people from form 4 participate this team --PUTERI ISLAM-- that freaking pink one team. cam siottttt. najwa and kinah didn't joined us. it's only me and piqa. grrrrr. watch out kina and najwa! i will KILL you guys! gaga. kidding duhh. guess what? i didn't attend for chemistry class today JUST because of that marching thingy. but xpe lah kan. sacrifice skett. hehe. but the real thing is i just felt lazy for studying. hakhak. but then i felt regret for not attending that class. b*****k en? hahahahaaaa. back then at recess time we ate macaroni! 4 murni ate macaroni time rehat! gempak x? kelas kitorg jeee. haha. then ade la pupil dr class len usha2 pastu jeles. hahaha.serves you right la wehhh. sape soh kaw kua dr klas 4 murni? hehe. farah and yusra made all the preparation. but i did my part too to help them, i took forks and spoons form canteen! HAHA. baek x?but guess what?! fara slept at 2 a.m in the morning to make all this. hahaha. thanks a lot lah fara. i will pay another one dollar to you next monday ehh.

keyh. wanna stop typing right now. i'm lacking of ideas hereeee. gtg. bye bye

Saturday, August 8, 2009

i just don't get it

tak paham ahhhhhhh.
kasi lah respond!

sorry ah merepek.
tgh tension.
buku chemistry report hilang..