Monday, October 19, 2009

Final Examination 2009

This exam is freakingly important to us. The form 4 students! Grrrr. Apesal la kaw penting sgt? Why this exam has to be sooo totally and utterly important? Can someone tell me? Anyone???????? HAHAHAH. Psychotic little human. Just go through it je lahh. The preparation must be like heaven(the other way around)!! Loads of doa and solat hajat .Must have the blessings kind of thing from parents,teachers and friends? Do I have to get blessing from my friend? No, i don't think so! Totally sure.! Hahah. Jahat gilaaa.

Ok, change the subject! Back in 2007 i guess, i think that i was technically being abused or whereas I can say i'd been bullied by some of these pretty "nice" people. To be honest, i have really no idea why i was being treated by them like hell with their horrible insults to me. As i remembered, this is going to be funny i said. HAHA. They said i was pretty much like "steam"?????? i was like............ what the HELL was that supposed to mean.. right? What is their rights to say to me such a horrible word like that? That was like I said back then, they were very "nice" people aren't they? i think i do not have to mention the names of these NICEST people in the whole world! I think the leader of this team-haha- had practically received her own punishment. Thank God. She could learn many lessons from the incident on how she treated people or should i say from the incident she can learn how to fix her attitude, for God sake! But I as far as i know, but no idea wheter it is true or false-that I am the only person at the school that has been treated by her and her friends like that. i think the main factor she acted that way is because this girl and her friends are jealous of me! HAHAHAHH. Bapak vein! The problem actually came from the myspace thingy. So immature right? Macam budak2! Padahal myspace je. That's the way immature people acts you know. Just accept it and just ask for guidance from Allah. Eventually all your problems will be solved and at the end of the day-this girl has received her punishment right? may this girl learn her lessons as fast as possible! amin.

yours sincerely,


Monday, October 5, 2009


i went to liyana's open house. gaga. i found new friend there. she's liyana's friend actually. her name is aina. woah. you have got to be kidding alya! you've got a damn freaking boring story! ever! bodo. at liyana's house, jumpe dua org budak seksyen 7. gilaaa lah. da bape tahun x jumpa dua org mamat uh. sorg da tinggi but still x thick2 agih. HAHAHAHHH.lagi sorang uh . stylo maaa. hakhak. byk gak ah cite2. tp kalaw jumpe member pompuan i think it will be a whole much better conversation than meeting these two tall guys. harhar. so macam reunion lahh. macam je. gaga
padahal jumpe 3 org je kot. nk buat reunion laaaaaaaaa. nakkkkkkkkkkkkk sgt2 sgt buat. please lahh. any volunteer nk handle mende nihhh?