Sunday, January 31, 2010


After the school has started about 4 weeks ago , well this is my first time updating it. Huhhhh. How sad alyaaa, :/

Honestly, i am lacking of ideas on how to express my feeling through the writing on the blog right now. Seriously! My brain does not want to work right now, because tons of homework is burdening my head right now.

With the lab reports, the essays , add math exercises. Oh gosh! Help me. I have expected this thing since last year. Well, last year is quite a honeymoon year. But, i still scores on my exams and tests. Hahahahahhhh.

Haram la kaw alyaaa. You are so vain! :DDDD! Actually last year is much more way different from this year. Last year, if we do not finished our homeworks it's a cool thing, normal thing, but this year! Beda bangat sihhh.

Just prepared to be tortured if you do not finished it.



Homework x siap agi pon

Sengal laaa kaw.