Wednesday, April 13, 2011


So here we go, from what I can see people had moved on from the sadness or the happiness from what they had obtained on that day. The day that everyone been waiting for. I thought that the day will bring me something much more deeper rather than seeing everybody shouting,crying and all that. I kind of felt empty on that day. Well anyway enough with the sad story Alya, that is just so pretentious! Well,basically before the day comes, everybody is bragging about their anxiety and their restless emotion on how well or bad news that they will get. And they all pointed out everything on the facebook of course. But after they days passed by, I felt that all of these bullshit results are pointless. Every single thing when we moved on from the freaking school is going to change. Totally new world,no more spoon feeding folks. Here it comes, REALITY. Doesn't seem pretty much real for me anymore. Because i felt dizzayhhhhhhhhhhh. It's dizzy btw.

Okay, talking about reality, I'm still living with my parents, well hello i'm still 18 btw, HAHAH. A lots of private colleges called and offered me to register at their college. Alaaa Alya, semua orang pun dapat woi. Yeah, it's true and that's why i don't want to enter private college. Unless MARA don't mind to lend me some money and support on my education fees to further my studies in private college. hehe. My mom said students at the Taylor's College mostly are the rich and smart one. Oh my god, how lucky people can be? smart and ric
h at the same time. Of course money isn't everything but what I can see it is though -.-

So i want to make a suggestion here, why don't these rich and smart kids just use their parent's money instead of applying for scholarship to pursue their studies? Isn't that fair nuffffff? hehe. So the scholarship will be given to the poor and smart kids. kan kan? because what I can see nowadays, usually the rich kids obtain the scholarship.They always get it! I envy them. yelahhhh no wonder la kan. They went to tuition and extra classes alm
ost 24 hours a day. British Council, Cambridge and etc kejadahhh. Therefore they did the interview with flying colours la kan. Yang budak poor nih, minded belaja buku teks 24 hours a day. Because of the mind setting of course. These rich young kids have mentors like their parents which they can look out to. But the poor young kids? their parents work as a fisherman, a rubber tapper and all that. So when all of these are going to change? Please tell me about it? What about now? Drama la pulak.

Okay, change the subject. The point is this post is pointless. Thank you. Salam.

And by the way, (okay this is one of my weaknesses, when i start to write I can't stop, but when I don't write ideas just won't come. I just can't help it people) Congratulations to those who awarded The Biasiswa Nasional and to those lucky people who get to interview by JPA. Wishing you the best of luck. For me I'm still waiting good news from MARA. Not that good news, because after all it is just an interview and if I get it, hopefully I would be able to talk fluently and confidently and not stammer like King George during the interview process. Please pray for me? Please. Okay whatever. Blah dlu. Salam.

Monday, April 11, 2011

Hey Ladies


kau ibarat epal,
epal yang tidak berkualiti,
amat mudah diperolah,
kerana ia berguguran di tanah..

tapi epal yang berkualiti,
berada di puncak,
susah dpetik dan dicapai,
terkadang epal itu risau,
"megapa aku belum dipetik?"
lantas ia merendahkan martabatnya,
dan menggugurkan dirinya
menyembah tanah..

sedang ia telah dijanjikan Allah
begitu tinggi martabatnya,
sehingga tiada siapa berani
untuk memetiknya..

hanya pemuda..
yang benar-benar hebat sahaja,
yang mampu memetiknya..

mungkin bukan di dunia
tapi di akhirat..

biarlah jodoh bukan di dunia,.
asalkan cinta Ilahi mengiringi

style gilaaaaaa, berpegang kepada ini! taken from BADAR Mag,KISAS.