Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Sungai Reko

Oh God, looking back all of my previous past, writing back in high school immature years, really break me into laughs and tears. Well happy tears of course because of the big laughs. Haha. WHY IN THE WORLD I ALWAYS WRITE THE SAME KIND OF THIS REMINISCING THING DOHHHHHHH, BOSAN LAH BUT WHAT THE HELL I JUST WRITE WHAT I FEEL I WANNA WRITE.

The fact that all of these posts really show the immature, the dark side of me really did enlighten my day. Seriously. Kenapa lah dulu I was soooooooo full with hatred and jealousy? But one thing that I learned is that I am very good in hiding my feelings. I hate to share my feelings with people. I concealed everything. Well not everything. Never had the courage to express EVERYTHING to someone. I hate the idea that we have to share every single thing to someone. Can't we just keep it to ourselves? Entah, aku rasa numb gila la nowadays. I guess there's something wrong with my emotion well being. Rosak kot. Well speaking of dark side, I think I will always have the side of me that is quite dark, always, but people won't see it. Well that's what I think? Maybe? That I have succeeded to hide my dark side from people.

But to think about it, this whole writing blogging thing has really taught me how to express my feelings. My true feelings. People won't even read this entry right?  But what the hell. I haven't post any entry for a really long time. My last entry was on 2nd Dec 2013. That was like what? 2 years ago??? Damn it! I was soooo into Twitter and Facebook (HAHA SERIOUSLY ALYA FACEBOOK?) I forgot the very existence of Blogger that has taught me a lot of things about life. YEAH RIGHT. PFFFTTTT. God i still havent reach real maturity yet. What the hell is wrong with me? dah 22 kot woi. Well technically, I havent reached 22 year herherrrrr.

Well since I still dont have any topics in mind, why dont we talk about boyfriend/girlfriend. YUP I AM TALKING ABOUT THIS CRAP IDEA THAT YOU GOT TO OWN A PARTNER TO GO HAVE DATES AND SHARE ALL YOUR FREAKING DAILY BASIS WITH. I really hate when the aim of someone's life only revolves by berkasih-kasihan, dating, finding boyfriend girlfriend, kahwin2? I mean come onnnnnnnnnnnn kau duduk zaman gua lagi ke apa? Dont you have the dreams and ambition to change the world? To make it a better place? (Well obviously it's so freaking hard but why not kan?) Or any other dreams? To make Sungai2 dekat Malaysia ni A CLEANER PLACE? ESPECIALLY SUNGAI REKO. YUPPP SEKSYEN 5 BANDAR BARU BANGI REPRESENTS! AND I DONT PROUD OF THE CURRENT STATE/CONDITION OF SUNGAI REKO.

I mean come on, let's cut the crap here. And this one thing that I really hate (well this is weird actually) I hate when lelaki pun gedik2 jugak nak have a relationship. I mean come on, pondan gila kau? HAHAHA. But honestly , I have no idea why I have this idea that lelaki cannot have this lovey dovey feeling mcm perempuan. Mcm like soooooooo pondan. HAHAHAHHA I KNOWWWWW HOW STUPID I SOUNDED. HAHAHAHA SORRY GUYS. Crazy right? What the hell am I thinking? Humans are born with emotions. Regardless of their sex and gender. Why am i being so sexist here? ADOIYAIIIII. Tapi memang dah lama I thought of this. So yes. Again, this is my blog, my territoty suka hati la nak cakap apa. People have opinions. So it's just the matter that you want to accept it or reject it! FREEDOM OF SPEECH GUYS, COME ON. DEAL WITH IT. HAHA.

And satu lagi aku nak cakap, can we just take a step back for a while and be good to each other. Can't we just live peacefully? Can't we just see the good in people? Kenapa nak hina orang? Kenapa selalu nak cari salah orang? Kenapa ingat diri sendiri sahaja yang betul? As humans, WE ARE SYNONYMS WITH FLAWS. MANUSIA. NASIYA IN ARABIC IS LUPA. YES MANUSIA MUDAH LUPA. That's the idea! We have a freaking lots of flaws. Kenapa suka meninggi diri? Why we have to be arrogant? Why we have to make people feel like shit for the sake of our comfort? Damnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn. All of this is damned! After all, we are made of tanah guys. Tanah. The very lowest level that you can reach.

Oh godddd, multiple topics in one entry. Sorry guysss. Well I believe no one is gonna read this. So whaaaaaaaaaaattttttttttttttttttttt kannn. Like I care.

Oh oh and then, I hate it when people straight fall for someone because of their physical appearance. I MEAN COME ON. LOW SHALLOW HOLLOW GILA KAU. But let's accept the fact here that we human, WE LOVE TO SEE PRETTY THINGS.  BUT GUESS WHAT, PRETTY THINGS WONT LAST. YUP. THEY'RE NOT. How sad is that kannnnnnnnnnnnnnnn *speak in nada yang annoying gila babs*

Okay I think this is too much. Sorry guys. Oh lupa, no one's gonna read this -.-