Wednesday, October 24, 2012

So long, Farewell

Assalamualaikum and a very good morning fellas (well I'm writing this in the morning, so you must get it, rightttt) So where to start? There's a lot to tell and too much to absorb. Talking about too much to absorb, well that's the thing that I'm facing right now. Fuhh! Seriously! Being a university student needs a lot of tough love. :'( I'm so freaking cuak gila right now. But you know what they used to say that be careful what you wish for, cause you just might get it all, well that's what people said. We could always turn that all around. Give some positive vibes in it. I believe that Allah had planned everything in a perfectly manner. So we just have to return to him in whatever situation that we have, whether it's good or bad, always return to Allah.

Being a grown up teaches me a lot of things. From all different aspects. Urghh. I bet you guys mesti macam apsal Alya all cheesy meesy bagai nih? So to simplify  things that I wanna say is my life now is totally different  from Asasi's life. Oh goshhhhhhh I am sooo freakingly missed all of them sooo much right now :'( How I wish I could turn back time and enjoy every single awesome moments with them. Every day is so awesome back then when I was in Asasi, ASASI SAINS PERTANIAN IS SO FREAKINGLY AWESOME LA GUA CAKAP. We're so these underdogs yang tak payah nak brag all about our awesomeness and all cause we're cool liddat! HEHEHH. Watching the latest batch haing their Asasi War Games and all makes me so jealous. :'( we never had the chance to do all those things. Hmhhh. Rezeki masing2.

Degree's life, semua control ayu, control macho. Urghh. Ada la certain yg awesome. Bila masuk Kolej 17 ni, baru aku tahu maksud sebenar racist. Semua pun racist aku rasa, termasuk la ada seorang instructor ni. Urghhh. Instructor ye bukan lecturer. :) Please take a note about that.

So hopefully all these changes for the better, Insha Allah. Good day, Assalamualaikum :D

Friday, May 18, 2012


I watched this series in 4 days only. -.- Gila kaw Alya. Istighfar sikittt -.- Btw, Ivy Lynn is wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy better than Katherine Mcphee! Sorry to say :/

Love The Way You Lie

What's up with the title Alya? Like seriously don't be so lame. Okay guess what? I have finished my Foundation studies, and now yaaaaaaaaaa I'm at home doing NOTHING. OKAY NOTHING! and I'm quite pissed with myself. I just don't have any idea what I'm going to do on this very long holiday. Okay, it really does feels like going back to the after-spm-period which I stay at home and do absolutely nothing. So sad huh? While watching my friends getting jobs and getting obviously the most important of them'all is money! Yaaaa, money! apa lagi kannn. I'm not be that type of person which is ungrateful or what, but it just I get easily bored when I'm at home.

Whatever it is, Yesterday, my brother and me picked up Umi at her school and we went shopping for Teacher's Day. Huda celebrated Teacher's Day at her school today, so my mom and I went to Warta to buy some kitchen towels for Huda's teachers. We bought like A LOT of towels. And you know what, I felt sooooooooooo refreshed! after all these time lepaking and tidur sampai pukul satu punya rutin. *EH NOT EVERYDAY TAW, SEMALAM JE, sebab I slept at 5 am. so make sense lah kan HEHE* Itu lah Alya, pilah joging pagi2 like Abuya had told ya... -.- Ini tidur sampai pukul berapa. Apa nak jadi... And btw I didn't missed my Subuh. Solat is my priority. :D HAH! Sorry la post macam lame sikit, lame as in, in English taw. -.-

Talking about admission to degree in September, I still have no idea what UPM is going to give me. Hopefully they will grant my first choice from the application form that I have submitted. Amin.....

Next stop, I'm gonna tell you a lil bit about life in UPM during my foundation days. Awwwwww' :') Missed the old days. HAHA,old la sangat baru 2 minggu. -.-


Saturday, January 14, 2012


Tolonglah majalah sekolah buat gempak-gempak macam nih. Pleaseeeeeeeee. I do really wanna see the sidang ridaksi kids of SMK Bandar Baru Bangi this year could bring something different and unique this year. Bring a whole of elegance and whatsoever that look nice. And can make other students get jealous with us. Go kids! HAHA

Friday, January 13, 2012


Last Thursday, went to KLCC, Pavillion and Fahrenheit dengan Ili and Alia Mashuri. Seronok! :D
But sadly, it just the three of us, Dinah can't join cause she woke up late on that day. Turned out that she suppose to rode in with her father to go to the commuter. But unfortunately, her father has gone to his office. :( As for Sarah pulak her parents are sick right now. So she can't join us for the hang out of 2012 HEHE. Bajet lebih.

So the first thing after we all have arrived at Suria KLCC. Of course la kan, budak muda, straight pergi tengok now showing for that day. Tengok semua cerita bosan glerrrr. -.- Then, cancel movies, plan nak tengok kat Pavi je. B
ecause most of the movies will be aired at noon. Sedangkan time tu baru pukul 11 pagi, Yes folks, kitorg sampai KLCC tu bapak la awal kannnn -.- Sabar je lah. HAHA. Then, we head to Kinokuniya. Yeahhhhh, pictures tell everything. I bought Diary of a Wimpy Kid 1 and 2! Gosh. Best gile rase! Dah lama dah actually plan nak beli buku nih. But x jumpa and x de masa nak cariiii. With class, assignments, exams and all that. HEHE. So memang puas hati gler lah.

After that we all then head to Pavillion, Bukit Bintang. Huhhh. Dah lama tak pergi rasa Pavi tu macam dah biasa je. Tak rasa keglamourannye. Krhkrhhhh. Dulu first time datang peh, TERUJA gler. With design of the building, the entrance and all that. Tapi rasa hambar je plak hari tu. Macam datang mid or KLCC je.

Nothing interesting dah for me. But the X-Factor that makes Pavillion is kind of like hot spot for most of the people is because there are a lot of high anticipated boutiques around the shopping mall. For example, Marc Jacobs, Louis Vuitton, Channel, Zara and all that -.- Itu je lah pun. Nak beli pun tak mampu. But I really hope someday I could enter those stores with senang hati. Duit ada, badan pun da fit for all the dresses, the pants or whatever it is. HAHA.

Alih-alih sampai terus book tiket wayang. Mission Impossible 3 *yawn a lot huh? -.- Boring nak mammmmm. Tapi what choices do we have? duhhhhh. Then pergi Miss Whatever, bought a purse for myself. Ehek. Tercapai la jugak objektif. Actually nak beli shoes, bag for handbag or for going to class whatever and a purse. So sort of macam nih laaa purse yg dibeli. But with two red stripes.

Then, guess what? I bought a present for my mom's birthday! Wow. For the first time in my life I actually buy something for my mom for her birthday! :D HAHA Terharu gler. I bought a leather coin pouch for my mom! Looks really nice. The purse kind of look like this minus the kitty cat look and add a butterfly image onto that purse. Please do imagine it. It really do look beautiful! Hehe.
Then Mission Impossible. It is impossible for me to concentrate on this movie. I'm sure this movie don't up for an oscar. And I'm not the kind of person to watch not an oscar type of movie HAHAH. Poyoooo. Yg Disney movies tu pe mende plak. But seriously. Tak best langsung dowh! Adoiiiii. On the top of that, I slepf for about 15-20 minutes dalam panggung tu. HAHA. Lantaklahhhhhh.
Then balik tuu jumpa Pipah dekat KLCC. Dengan Afiq sekali. Meet her for a brief time. Sempat capture gambar, hugging with each other and chit chatting for a while. Boleh laaa dalam 20 minit cam tuuu. Krhkrhhhh. Ok lah, pen off. Salam

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Instead of do this you could do that!

Feel very weird with the people right now. So damn confusing man! How could they give compliments to people who don't deserve them. For instance, this particular person went to a hot country, then she wears short pants. Then, a gazillion of people amused by her and praise on how cool is she, shop whatever she wants until she drops. With rambut yang berkarat muka gelap macam jawa cina! Oh gosh! Tolong lah. Itu lahhh nak jadi glamour sangat, kalah artis -.-" That ain't cool mayyyyyyyyyyyyn!"

Therefore, instead of giving so damn thousands of compliments, why don't you give her an advice or something that is beneficial for her. Okay guys? HAH! Hah! Haram. Tapi siapa je la berani nak stand up for a right thing. Sebab semua takut kena banned dekat internet. KRKRKHRHHH