Sunday, January 23, 2011


In support of Shima's latest post-Sabak I have no idea what was that supposed to mean. haha. By the way, Shima is one of my closest friends, and her latest post she said something about getting in a relationship and things that associated with it. So here I want to make a confession that is the pure truth from the bottom of my heart ; I never been on a relationship, I mean serious relationship or should I say relationship that happens between a girl and a boy which is not my mahram HAHA. Nuff said?! kahkah.

So, what's the big deal with that huh? seriously get over it people, kalaw belum ada jodoh tu belum la lagiiii. HAHA. Even my brothers and my sister tak pernah couple masa diorg sekolah and all the way until they were in Form 5, HAHA, beat that! Now, paham2 je laaaa, diorang dah berkasih-kasihan laaa ... HAHAHAHH.

from what I can see, in the future I wanna have a some kind of relationship yang betol2 diredhai oleh Allah, haha btw ,wild guess, ade ke kes couple yg betol2 halal? Tepuk dada tanya iman. Sekian, Salam (: Sebelum terlupa, i want to say to Shima, I'll stand by you Shima! hehe

p/s: gambar yang betol2 tak de kene mengene dengan post HARHARRR

Friday, January 21, 2011

Nak Jugak!

Sabar, orang yang bersabar sentiasa akan peroleh kemenangan akhirnya. Buktikan aku pun boleh gakkkkkkkk! Takpe, skang rezeki kau, kau tunggu tunggu SABAR SABAR SABARRRRRRRRRRRRRRR

sape penah bace SABOR? HAHAH gilo

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Giler Lah,

Tak boleh gedik lagi ke title post? * Tak, sorry.

yawww, saje je nak singgah ckp pasal The Most Anticipated Event in the Early Year of 2011,AJL ke-25. Porrraahhhhhh. Unsatisfied, Faizal Tahir tak menang lagi tahun ni. Pastikan tahun depan la at least menang la AJL dpt title juara! HAHAH

tu je pon nak cakap.
Sangat tak bermotif, sekian

Boleh Lempang Dah

HAHAHHA, meluat aku tengok gamba nihhh, eheheh.
so what's up guys?! how's your days been lately? for SPM candidates 2011 I am 79.6% sure that you guys still hanging round and playin' around with each other ennn? macam aku x taw! HAHA. been there before trust me, it's either you are in a serious mode or in a relax mode. Anyway, it's only the 14th of January, so be chill ya junior, there are so many new things that you haven't learned and trust me, even the single one day before the disastrous SPM coming, for me lah kan, i felt that the contents in those SPM books are still not taught by the teacher,seriouslyyyyyyyy!*HAHHAH, KEPALE HOTAK KAW ALYA*. Tapi memang betol la, cuba la tanye sape2 dak SPM, it is the pure truth you can trust on me yawww. Especially when it comes to the reading and memorizing subjects, BIO ahh ape lagi, parraahhhh ah.

But insya Allah, what ever result that I'll get on that day, i will just accept it and move on with my life. Life is not revolved around on how good or bad your SPM result is, but it is more like a journey and I'll be heading a long road after this. get into a college, find a job, work as an employee, start up a business *hope so,what else, yeahh being married, dapat anak. How typical that is, don't you think? Maybe I will change it a lil bit, at least it will be more fun and not so dull, life is about fun because we live once and don't ever let go the chance that we are gonna get, just embrace it in a Islamic way, JYEAHHHH. haha. *Blah,blah,blah Alya, *yawn,boooringgg* HAHA, suka hati aku lahhhh duhhh.

Yesterday, i've just downloaded Osmosis Jones. Ring any bell? Cerita da berzaman. if i'm not mistaken this movie was released on 2001 or 2002. lebih kurang la. really brings back memories lah! :D Then, i watched Cloudy with A chance of Meatballs, 2009 movie, how I wish I could live in Swallow Falls. ngehehh,
Then i downloaded Shrek The Third, didn't have any chance to watch it because of the house chores. Wondering why I download so many cartoon movies, maybe because of the kids hormone is attacking my pitituary gland, did I even spelled the word correctly? doesn't matter. HAHA.

Okay, that's it for today, till we meet again. Buh-bye. Salam

Monday, January 10, 2011


Cloudy With A chance of Meatballs!

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Country Strong

Macam Best, x taw la best ke x.

Saturday, January 8, 2011

I Want Glee More! atau Saya Nak Glee Lagi!

when will the new episode arrive? tak sabar dowh, alang2 da cuti nih mmg tgk tv series je laaaa. berbekalkan dorongan dari bapak guaaaaa, mmg patut la anaknya cenggini HAHAHHAHH

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

It's Unfair

Totally, i deserved some credits though