Wednesday, June 23, 2010

The Correct Pronunciation

So people I've just discovered that all this time I pronounced the word ADOBE *that infamous adobe photoshop thing* correctly. And for God sake it's pronounced ah-doe bee. say it correctly AH-DOE-BEE.
Yeahhhhh, aku memang betul selama nih. Ada la certain manusia cakap eh alya, adobe sudahh, tanpa perlu menyebut sebutan "eee" kat belakang uhh. ahhhh peduli apa akuuu.dah aku biasa cakap cam tuuu. wth. HAHA.whatever it is, what's important now aku dah ade evidence yang sangat2 kukuh kat jaringan internet ini. ehehehhh.


but aku x taw laaa whether pronunciation nih untuk style brit or american.hehe

post yang sgt useless.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

The End

Glee had just headed to its end last night. And i've just watched that last episode this evening. They lost at the regional and they just come up with the 3rd place back then. Whatever it is, there will be a lot of season to come. So, no worries just sit back and relax because save the last for the best! Is it the correct sentence or is it the other way around? Errrr.. whatever. But to wait for the second season to come, will really get me into my nerves. Things will come and go because that's the way it is and this thing called karma *not in relation at all. APE LA HARAM JADAH NIH. HAHA.

Besok, chemistry AGAIN! That's great I think. Because my paper 2 marks, sucks! Like a lot! Seriously! Utterly! Undeniably!

Before I forgot, hear this song covered by Glee cast: Faithfully-originally sang by Journey. It's a very great song!

Thank you. The End.

Monday, June 7, 2010


Alas, I have downloaded Audacity software. After waiting for at least 3 weeks just because that damn exam things, and finally I am officially "merdeka" for now. But still SPM is just around the corner, Alya, knock, knock wake up darl. Okay, maybe I am such a not up to date person because I have just downloaded this software. But anyway who cares? They don't give a damn to this thing. Trust me, okay anyway, I have gone way too far babbling for this small tiny thing. Today, I went to school for the extra classes for subject Quran Sunnah and Bahasa Melayu. I had fun during the PQS period, but Bahasa period had just made me bored to death. Yes, that's the correct word to say. DEATH. Speaking about death....... I just save it to myself though. Figure out for yourself.

Last couple of days, I went to my kampong at Pagoh,Muar. having such a fun time there. But guess what? Satu family kene cirit. HAHAHAHHHH. Gross Alya,gross. So just stop right there. :p errrrrrrrrrrrrrr, okay speaking about the currently hottest tv series on earth which is you know what, GLEE for sure, is heading to an end. Yess, season finale is coming this Tuesday on Fox. Yeahh Tuesday I guess. But whatever it is, I am so damn sad ,devastated and heart-aching right now. For the sake of SPM exam, I am willing to sacrifice many things. *dalam mimpi boleh la Alya HEHE* .

What a boring entry to post. Sorry guys, chow dluuu. Salam.