Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Sing a Song?

Alang2 dah ingat sekarang, baek post terus.
I still remembered that day, it's perhimpunan rasmi and I was the emcee on that day, haha ok tu biasa agi lom apa2, nanti part bestt. HAHA. pastu dah opening, baca doa, start ah nyanyi.
firstly,we sang Negaraku, mula2 x terabur agi budak2 ni nyanyi.
Then secondly, sang Duli Yang Maha Mulia lagu Selangor, terbaur sikit ag
Here it comes, the exciting part, we started to sang lagu sekolah SMK BBB, pastu mmg terabur habes ah! aku pon cam bengang lah kan, muka cikgu2 pon da panas. Pastu teacher hanimah and cikgu2 di sekelilingnya pandang muka aku, pastu die kasi signal amek mike and they asked me to sing! HAHAHAHHA, mmg x sangka gila lahhh, nyanyi je laaa, tibai je. Segan, Allah je la tahu,
cuak ke babeyyhhhh! HAHAH

but ironically, since form 1, aku mmg ada berangan la sket nk nyanyi nasyid la ngan member utk competition ke apa2. HAHAHAHHAHH, i know2, x sedar diri. HAHA, aleh2 time yg aku x nk nyanyi lah kene nyanyi. Mmg x sangka bangat.
tu je la nk cerrr.

Friday, December 17, 2010

Tak Puas Hati

Asal sume orang da masuk college! x puas hati ah nihhhhhhhhhhhh, saya taw la saya bukan org kaya raya boleh sng2 msk kolej swasta mahal2. Can't afford to pay satu briefcase duit nk bayar kat swasta yg mahal gila tuuuuuuu,

Friday, December 10, 2010

So Just Pull Your Trigger

Feeling like dying? just pull the hell out of your trigger! Astaghfirullah, don't you ever do this at home or any place at all! Actually, being here, at the Blogspot had just really make my nausea getting so hard! Really have no idea about how to express my feeling appropriately. Because there's like a ton of things that i would want to express through this blog, but I just couldn't. Seriously, I'm starting to lose grip. Starting to lose idea on how to build proper sentences, the exact things that I wanted to say! What is the hell is wrong with me!

So simple says, live like we're dying tomorrow. But with Islamic style. Not such crap "we can dance until we die" very not cool (:
At the end of the day,in your darkest hour, you always come back to Allah. Even your parents, your soul mate, your freaking girlfriend or boyfriend, you friends can't save you from turning into an ugly person. Ironically, taubat means kembali. So let's kembali to Allah. That's the ultimate.

By the way, 9 subjects are downnnn. HARHARHAR, Turning nuts again. Don't worry, it's simply a normal thing for a teenager. Hormones going up..............! Then, can completely going down to the basement, wowwww, Alya total crap! Congrats, very funny. Next tuesday, i'll be heading to the Middle East, naaahhh, just kiddin'. going to sit for the Arabic examination! On the next,16th of December Pendidikan Al-Quran & Sunnah. And that indeed our last day of school! Alas! All the students of 5 Murni are officially not students anymoreeeeeeee. Beat thattttt, hahahh.
To all PLKN-ians-GOOD LUCK! have a nice time at your own camp respectively. hehe.

Current addiction; Glee, Fringe (both of these series are actually first suggested by my dad, how cool can my dad could be? VERY COOL, indeed. bet no other dad in Bangi would be pious and cool at the same time!, proud to have him as my father!)

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Tak Paham

Aku memang tak paham gila, belom nikah agi. Bercinta bagai nak rak.Pegang sana sini. Tgk lps kahwin tak nak lak kepit2 cam dulu. Cam tu la. Sume setan nye salah. HAHAH. Bak kate ustzh normah, balek2 salahkan setan, padahal setan x salah. HEHEHHH