Thursday, October 27, 2011


What's pergh? it's like an expression for something cool,amazing,hebat, menakjubkan and something associates with those things. BTW, it's very long time since I posted my previous post on my blog. Quite a hectic life now huh? POYOOOO BOOOOOOOO. But seriously, I am damn busy these days, with the assignments, tutorials, presentations, dealing with incapability with cooking(since my parents went to Mecca, there is nobody cooks at home. Sad huh? HAHAHAHH.LOSER betol.

Well whatever it is, I'm still teaching my self to be a more independent person, since you know, entering a world called college -.- kene dok asrama bagai, before this tak pernah pon duduk asrama. AH-MA-ZING KAN?HAHAH. -.- I have to wash my own clothes using my own bare hand! (YES NO WASHING MACHINE, HOW SAD THIS CAN BE?!) I have to buy food for survival whenever I'm hungry in my room, waiting for bus to come over and pick us up (I used to wait for almost 1 hour kot) -.- tapi sekali je kot mende tu, thank God! Then several things that are literally are those of my FIRST TIME DOING IT. hehhh. Sadis betol, this is what we called it as NOOB. MUAHAHAHH.

What else, oh yes, before i forgot, I met some new friends here. They are really super something, each of them have their own perspective in life(bullshit la Alya, poyooooo HAHA) and of course have their own pe'el. Alaaaa pe'el yg fe'el dalam Arabic language tuuuu. haha. Yes,I met a lot of friends here. All the way from my own room friends to classmate friends. But sadly, ada jugak manusia yang weirdo sikit. Cakap2 punye la baik,kat luar buat mende merapu jugak. Cakap banyak tak guna jugak cik kak oiiiiii, HEHHHHH. Why bother so much,Alya? let them be (:
Pen off.Good day. Salam (:
IIUM's Convocation Ceremony (:

Thursday, September 15, 2011


Salam. Wei Alya tak payah nak poyo "hello world" la -.- hahahahh. Lama gila tak berblogging. Dah berbulu berjanggut berhabuk da aku punya blog nih. Busy gila dengan Semester 1 di UPM. HAHA. Dah jadi budak U la katekan but sort of lah. Because I'm not actually a college student YET, but soon to be (:. They used to say that the foundation kids aren't the real students. So we can't really participate in the university's formal activities, joining the clubs and so on. But what the hell! I want to do as much as crazy things yawww! I'm in college right now, not in school anymore! It's time to be a bad ass! HAHAHAHHAH. Just joking, just ask my roommates,classmates, they will say that I am the super nice plus, the nerdy one -.- AHAHA KONON LAH. My father used to say that when I was at home I was like a "singa" but when I am at school I will act like a "tikus". That is just who I am. I am not afraid to express my feeling when I am at home. Whether I wanna scream, shout out loud! Nobody cares. Actually EVERYBODY cares. MUAHAHAHH.

Friday, June 24, 2011


Nak pecah kepala fikir mende alah nih. Tension gila. Ya Allah guide me to get through all of this! :(

Thursday, May 19, 2011

:O (:

Just found out that students which take medical course at the IPTAs will automatically be sponsored by the government! Oh Ya Allah, Alhamdulillah! So time asasi kat UPM nih kena struggle bagai nak rakkkkkkkkk laaa for securing a place for medicine course at the Health and Science Faculty in UPM :) So, this will be my motivation as all this long I wanted to take medicine and at the same time obtaining a scholarship since I have let go the MARA scholarship.In case la korang nak taw, I let go the MARA scholarship because MARA will send me to the Management and Science University. So most of the people said just choose UPM instead. Well whatever it is, I know Allah will always be with me and he had arranged everything in my life. Well I just have to work hard and try my best!Work my ass off lah nmpknye! hahahahahh. Because memang lah takdir tu dah ditulis di Luh Mahfuz, but still nasib seseorang itu tidak akan berubah melainkan dia sendiri yang mengubahnya. Insha Allah! :) Jihad fi sabilillah!

Monday, May 16, 2011

The Backup Plan

Apa yang tidak disangka itu sudah tiba. So we'll see how it goes.

Sunday, May 8, 2011


Bakal asperian.

Friday, May 6, 2011


Wednesday, April 13, 2011


So here we go, from what I can see people had moved on from the sadness or the happiness from what they had obtained on that day. The day that everyone been waiting for. I thought that the day will bring me something much more deeper rather than seeing everybody shouting,crying and all that. I kind of felt empty on that day. Well anyway enough with the sad story Alya, that is just so pretentious! Well,basically before the day comes, everybody is bragging about their anxiety and their restless emotion on how well or bad news that they will get. And they all pointed out everything on the facebook of course. But after they days passed by, I felt that all of these bullshit results are pointless. Every single thing when we moved on from the freaking school is going to change. Totally new world,no more spoon feeding folks. Here it comes, REALITY. Doesn't seem pretty much real for me anymore. Because i felt dizzayhhhhhhhhhhh. It's dizzy btw.

Okay, talking about reality, I'm still living with my parents, well hello i'm still 18 btw, HAHAH. A lots of private colleges called and offered me to register at their college. Alaaa Alya, semua orang pun dapat woi. Yeah, it's true and that's why i don't want to enter private college. Unless MARA don't mind to lend me some money and support on my education fees to further my studies in private college. hehe. My mom said students at the Taylor's College mostly are the rich and smart one. Oh my god, how lucky people can be? smart and ric
h at the same time. Of course money isn't everything but what I can see it is though -.-

So i want to make a suggestion here, why don't these rich and smart kids just use their parent's money instead of applying for scholarship to pursue their studies? Isn't that fair nuffffff? hehe. So the scholarship will be given to the poor and smart kids. kan kan? because what I can see nowadays, usually the rich kids obtain the scholarship.They always get it! I envy them. yelahhhh no wonder la kan. They went to tuition and extra classes alm
ost 24 hours a day. British Council, Cambridge and etc kejadahhh. Therefore they did the interview with flying colours la kan. Yang budak poor nih, minded belaja buku teks 24 hours a day. Because of the mind setting of course. These rich young kids have mentors like their parents which they can look out to. But the poor young kids? their parents work as a fisherman, a rubber tapper and all that. So when all of these are going to change? Please tell me about it? What about now? Drama la pulak.

Okay, change the subject. The point is this post is pointless. Thank you. Salam.

And by the way, (okay this is one of my weaknesses, when i start to write I can't stop, but when I don't write ideas just won't come. I just can't help it people) Congratulations to those who awarded The Biasiswa Nasional and to those lucky people who get to interview by JPA. Wishing you the best of luck. For me I'm still waiting good news from MARA. Not that good news, because after all it is just an interview and if I get it, hopefully I would be able to talk fluently and confidently and not stammer like King George during the interview process. Please pray for me? Please. Okay whatever. Blah dlu. Salam.

Monday, April 11, 2011

Hey Ladies


kau ibarat epal,
epal yang tidak berkualiti,
amat mudah diperolah,
kerana ia berguguran di tanah..

tapi epal yang berkualiti,
berada di puncak,
susah dpetik dan dicapai,
terkadang epal itu risau,
"megapa aku belum dipetik?"
lantas ia merendahkan martabatnya,
dan menggugurkan dirinya
menyembah tanah..

sedang ia telah dijanjikan Allah
begitu tinggi martabatnya,
sehingga tiada siapa berani
untuk memetiknya..

hanya pemuda..
yang benar-benar hebat sahaja,
yang mampu memetiknya..

mungkin bukan di dunia
tapi di akhirat..

biarlah jodoh bukan di dunia,.
asalkan cinta Ilahi mengiringi

style gilaaaaaa, berpegang kepada ini! taken from BADAR Mag,KISAS.

Friday, March 25, 2011


Sangat bersyukur dengan apa yang telah diperolehi. Tapi dekat luar sana ada beribu2 lagi budak2 dpt lagi hebat, so Alya, in the future, work harder. Nak jadi all-rounder time kat uni nanti. Sebab nak berjaya dari segala aspek, bukan akademik semata2. Macam dekat sekolah tuuuu, raamai org kata system education in Malaysia especially in primary or secondary schools, its kinda messy. Tumpu pada pelajaran sangat.. Nanti dekat uni tak nak camtu dahhh. Nak jadi person who can talk in english VERY fluently, be an active person in any kind of sport, doesn't matter what type of sport, asal sihat tubuh badan. Join clubs and societies and many moreeee. Nak explore world. Nak lebih terbuka in communicating with people. Okay, I guess all that are the MUST DO THINGS that I will add into my TO DO LIST. Hopefully, I would be capable to do all these kind of things.

Apa2 pon benda yang kita nak buat, mesti niat kerana Allah, Insya Allah.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

It Is Just A Matter of Time

It is just a matter of time before death come and knock on our doors,before Izrail come and take away our lives.............We just have no idea when the time will come and how it would be. After all this time,we've just know that it cannot be postponed or quicken because the time is definite. We can't escape from it. We can't get away from it. We just have to accept the fate that when the time has come............................

Al-Fatihah to Fudhail Hakimi. Classmate from Form 2 until Form 3. I known him for a very short time. Walaupun x rapat I'll always pray that he will be placed among the blessed people in jannah. Insya Allah, Al-Fatihah once again...................

Friday, March 11, 2011

Sunday Mayday!

Ahah ini, start driving class, excited la jugak krhkrhhhhh. Pastu ade apply kerja dobi, tapi main problem aku biaselah HUDA my younger sister tuuuuuuu. Sebab kalau tak payah jaga die, boleh je start kerja awal, then abes petang, Ini tak, kene start 12.30 pm and then it will be finished at 10 pm. Crazyyyyyyyy weyhh, bahaya la, takut laaaa.But try nak negotiate lah dgn tauke die ckp kerja kejap je, start 12.30 abes pukul 7 pm. ehehehh,ingat kaw anak raja nak demand-demand. So sekarang, aim taska belakang rumah and Tahfiz Al-Ikhwan pulak. Hopefully ada vacancy.....

Post entry baru kawan I, shima cakap this coming 23rd result kluar. Hopefully betul lah, jangan die pi ubah dah lahhhhhh...

Okay, till we meet again, chow! Salam

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Forgive Me Sara!

I never thought I would be such an uncool person. Okay I'm suck at wishing people's birthday you know, the truth is I forgot to check out my friend's birthday. I'M TOTALLY SCREW! SCREW ME! adoiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii, feel guilty as hell right now! trust meyyyyyyy
Lupa, lupa lupa. I am so sorry my friend!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I am guilty. Arrest me please. Huhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

Oleh itu, saya ingin mengucapkan Selamat Hari Jadi kepada:

MAISARAH SYED ABDUL MALIK, my deskmate when I was in Form 3, my bestfriend forever!! haha

sara, maafkan saya yeeeeee. huhuuuuuuuuuuuuu
lepas nih, kalaw kaw nak wish bday lmbt kat aku, aku x kesah HAHAHAHAH, lepas nih aku blanje kaw tanda minta maaf hehhhh

Tuesday, February 8, 2011


Talking about originalities, it's a hard thing to gather around your unique qualities and channel them through your action or something else, let's say the way you talk, the way you walk, the way you think of something, the way you give your opinions and etc I can't figure out anything else right now. But it's simply anything that you could use as a platform to channel out your pure identity. And by the way, this post is not about Bourne Saga, thank you.

Because guess what,the fact is, many of us don't actually even know what is our true identity, what is your true you, I guess we have no idea yet about the whole idea of you, me, us. So people start to trembling and becoming somebody else, pretending to be someone they're not. Or is it actually they're being an actual sluts? Or I can say here they're not being who they are right now! They just wanna fit in so people can accept them. So they can gain popularity in a blink of an eye. How low people can be? Just imagine that.

Okay, I realised that people need to be different to pop out from anybody else. But, we are actually were born different form each other, so let's say, how about our fingerprints? geez, no help. Go figure out yourself lah, tak kan satu-satu nak aja kot.So it's really up to you,at the end of the day, it's about the confidence that you have in yourself whether you believe in something that is you or not you. Think people think, don't just do like Barney Stinson always did, Snap! Luckily, we are not him we can think what's good and bad for us.

From what I noticed, lately, there has been kind of trend yeahhh The "F" Trend. Not going to mention what F is cause it kind of can hurt many people's feelings because people juts love F, one said that it is good for your soul, seriously?. When I'm talking about many, I mean seriously banyak! or suppose I say ramai?Okay, whatever don't even bothered about it. Siap ada group bhaiiii, they are hybrid version to one another, people said it's original but the fact is they're not! They're the followers not the setter. Maybe they think it's original people would call them cool and stuff like that. Then the story goes on with: "wow! I'm cool, everybody loves me, I'm unique " blah blah blah. Eventually you will get sick of it. Trust me even I never been there. HARHAR, *penipu besar-besaran

Seriously I don't even bother whether you, you or you want to be original or not. Or whether you are original much or not. it's your life and you can do as much as everything that you want to. You can even ruin your life but think about trice before you do it. Does the word "trice" even exist? By the way, I'm being here just wanna polish my English skills, no hard feelings okay guys! And plus, I am not that original.

Sekian, assalamualaikum folks.

Sunday, February 6, 2011


Ughhhhhhhhhhh, nak result cepat, nak masuk u cepat, nak pegi luar negara cepat *kalaw dapatlah, nak grad cepat, nak kerja cepat, nak ade family cepat *HARHARR, nak ade anak cepat *???

Cube sebut perkataan cepat banyak2 kali, cam pelik kan??
Lihat perkataan CEPAT itu sendiri, macam pelik en? HAHAHAHH


Sunday, January 23, 2011


In support of Shima's latest post-Sabak I have no idea what was that supposed to mean. haha. By the way, Shima is one of my closest friends, and her latest post she said something about getting in a relationship and things that associated with it. So here I want to make a confession that is the pure truth from the bottom of my heart ; I never been on a relationship, I mean serious relationship or should I say relationship that happens between a girl and a boy which is not my mahram HAHA. Nuff said?! kahkah.

So, what's the big deal with that huh? seriously get over it people, kalaw belum ada jodoh tu belum la lagiiii. HAHA. Even my brothers and my sister tak pernah couple masa diorg sekolah and all the way until they were in Form 5, HAHA, beat that! Now, paham2 je laaaa, diorang dah berkasih-kasihan laaa ... HAHAHAHH.

from what I can see, in the future I wanna have a some kind of relationship yang betol2 diredhai oleh Allah, haha btw ,wild guess, ade ke kes couple yg betol2 halal? Tepuk dada tanya iman. Sekian, Salam (: Sebelum terlupa, i want to say to Shima, I'll stand by you Shima! hehe

p/s: gambar yang betol2 tak de kene mengene dengan post HARHARRR

Friday, January 21, 2011

Nak Jugak!

Sabar, orang yang bersabar sentiasa akan peroleh kemenangan akhirnya. Buktikan aku pun boleh gakkkkkkkk! Takpe, skang rezeki kau, kau tunggu tunggu SABAR SABAR SABARRRRRRRRRRRRRRR

sape penah bace SABOR? HAHAH gilo

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Giler Lah,

Tak boleh gedik lagi ke title post? * Tak, sorry.

yawww, saje je nak singgah ckp pasal The Most Anticipated Event in the Early Year of 2011,AJL ke-25. Porrraahhhhhh. Unsatisfied, Faizal Tahir tak menang lagi tahun ni. Pastikan tahun depan la at least menang la AJL dpt title juara! HAHAH

tu je pon nak cakap.
Sangat tak bermotif, sekian

Boleh Lempang Dah

HAHAHHA, meluat aku tengok gamba nihhh, eheheh.
so what's up guys?! how's your days been lately? for SPM candidates 2011 I am 79.6% sure that you guys still hanging round and playin' around with each other ennn? macam aku x taw! HAHA. been there before trust me, it's either you are in a serious mode or in a relax mode. Anyway, it's only the 14th of January, so be chill ya junior, there are so many new things that you haven't learned and trust me, even the single one day before the disastrous SPM coming, for me lah kan, i felt that the contents in those SPM books are still not taught by the teacher,seriouslyyyyyyyy!*HAHHAH, KEPALE HOTAK KAW ALYA*. Tapi memang betol la, cuba la tanye sape2 dak SPM, it is the pure truth you can trust on me yawww. Especially when it comes to the reading and memorizing subjects, BIO ahh ape lagi, parraahhhh ah.

But insya Allah, what ever result that I'll get on that day, i will just accept it and move on with my life. Life is not revolved around on how good or bad your SPM result is, but it is more like a journey and I'll be heading a long road after this. get into a college, find a job, work as an employee, start up a business *hope so,what else, yeahh being married, dapat anak. How typical that is, don't you think? Maybe I will change it a lil bit, at least it will be more fun and not so dull, life is about fun because we live once and don't ever let go the chance that we are gonna get, just embrace it in a Islamic way, JYEAHHHH. haha. *Blah,blah,blah Alya, *yawn,boooringgg* HAHA, suka hati aku lahhhh duhhh.

Yesterday, i've just downloaded Osmosis Jones. Ring any bell? Cerita da berzaman. if i'm not mistaken this movie was released on 2001 or 2002. lebih kurang la. really brings back memories lah! :D Then, i watched Cloudy with A chance of Meatballs, 2009 movie, how I wish I could live in Swallow Falls. ngehehh,
Then i downloaded Shrek The Third, didn't have any chance to watch it because of the house chores. Wondering why I download so many cartoon movies, maybe because of the kids hormone is attacking my pitituary gland, did I even spelled the word correctly? doesn't matter. HAHA.

Okay, that's it for today, till we meet again. Buh-bye. Salam

Monday, January 10, 2011


Cloudy With A chance of Meatballs!

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Country Strong

Macam Best, x taw la best ke x.

Saturday, January 8, 2011

I Want Glee More! atau Saya Nak Glee Lagi!

when will the new episode arrive? tak sabar dowh, alang2 da cuti nih mmg tgk tv series je laaaa. berbekalkan dorongan dari bapak guaaaaa, mmg patut la anaknya cenggini HAHAHHAHH

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

It's Unfair

Totally, i deserved some credits though