Thursday, September 15, 2011


Salam. Wei Alya tak payah nak poyo "hello world" la -.- hahahahh. Lama gila tak berblogging. Dah berbulu berjanggut berhabuk da aku punya blog nih. Busy gila dengan Semester 1 di UPM. HAHA. Dah jadi budak U la katekan but sort of lah. Because I'm not actually a college student YET, but soon to be (:. They used to say that the foundation kids aren't the real students. So we can't really participate in the university's formal activities, joining the clubs and so on. But what the hell! I want to do as much as crazy things yawww! I'm in college right now, not in school anymore! It's time to be a bad ass! HAHAHAHHAH. Just joking, just ask my roommates,classmates, they will say that I am the super nice plus, the nerdy one -.- AHAHA KONON LAH. My father used to say that when I was at home I was like a "singa" but when I am at school I will act like a "tikus". That is just who I am. I am not afraid to express my feeling when I am at home. Whether I wanna scream, shout out loud! Nobody cares. Actually EVERYBODY cares. MUAHAHAHH.