Thursday, December 31, 2009

My Last Hang Out Of The Year of 2009

Today, I went out to alamanda with hamie and alia. It is like heaven exciting. Technically it is my last hang out of this year! Yeahhhh. 31st of December. Cool huh? The storey begins when Alia asked me to go hang out on this day, as we all know that at the 4th of January we will be heading to a place that is full of”excitement”. Yeahhh rightttt. Which is as knows as SCHOOL. Huhhhhhhhhh.boringgggggggggggg. before we went to alamanda, of course lah we attend our tuition as usual en. It is the last day day of this intensive class. We learnt add math back then. Mukaa semua boring je. But luckily teacher mazyon made some jokes, hahahahh to make our brain works more efficiently. HAHA. After the class ended, alia’s sis fetch us up and immediately all the three of us head to the alamanda shopping centre. Our first stop was the cinema’s counter ticket laaaaaaaaaaaaa. As usual, both of my friends; alia and hamie argued about what story we gonna watch. Then, after the oh-so-important discussion ended, we decided to watch Sherlock Holmes-starring Robert Downey Jr and Jude Law. HAHA. Hot stuff dowhhhhhh. As the movie started late, we went to kedai kasutt. Hamie nak bali kasut maaaa. Shoes for this upcoming school season. But unfortunately she did not find her ideal shoes. HAHA. Then alia went to surau to catch her prayers. While hamie and me went to the mph bookstore. Hamie beli pen. *For your information mahal siot pen zmn skang nihh. Then we went window shopping. Msk reject shop sume. Then we get something to eat. Hamie makan popia jeeee. Alia and me eat hot stuff. Eh eh. Bukan. Hot plate. HAHAHAHHH after we all finished our lunch, we went to the toilet near the cinema. OK OK. I LOVE THIS PART. Kejadian paling lawak terjadi kat toilet!! Tapi tak nak cite skang, HHAHAHAHAHHHHHH. Lawak gila sampai speechless siottttttttttttttt. Hehe.

Then, we headed to the cinema to watch Sherlock holmes! Oh yeah. Best gak ahhhhhh. Yahoo movies kasik diorg B-. sooo aku un agree jugak lah. HAHA. Then alia went early than hamie and me. Cuz hamie’s mom just finished her work and picked both of us a little bit late. But it was fun. Talked to the most talkative person in this planet! HAHAHAHHH. Cite psl samura. Gmpk je dowh budak2 die. Pelakon sume. Hehe. Pastu mak hamie anta smpi umah, THE END. Hhahahahahhah

Sorry for the unproper, tak best punyaaa entry


Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Korea :)

Okay jap. This time i am using Malay Language. Yeay me! Haha

Pernah tak korang jumpe cam budak skola agama, minat cam korea or jepun or Taiwan dan yang seangkatan dengan depa nih laaa. Kalaw aku... cam selalu sangat! HAHA. Rase cam nih kot tradisi budak2 skola agama. Perkara ini terjadi dekat pelajar perempuan lahh kebiasaannya. Mmg typical budak sekola agama mesti minat or batak nk mmps dkt group2 mende tahh , mengarut gak laa name diorg. Not even care about'em. Hahahh. Sooooo. Saje je nak cakap mende nih. Kongsi2 ceritaaa, no offense eh. :p then, ade lagii. HAHA. Diorang biase akan belajar bahasa tuh habis-habisan. Samapi dkt profile diorg macam ms or fb or fs, sume cite pasal mat2 mata sepet nih laaaa. Haha. Kadang tgk kelaka gak. Sbb selalu laaa jumpe mesti budak skola agama. SERIOUSLY! X tipuu. Mostly budak sekolah agama, mengapa ya fenomena ini kebiasaannya berlaku dalam kalangan pelajar sekolah agama. Ada tak sesiapa buat research pasal mende nihh. Alya, you have gone way to far.

Minta diri dulu


Alya Az-Zahra

*sesiapa yang rasa kelaka, silakan gelak kerana ketika ini saya agak separa sedar*


I am so sorry but I have to delete this previous post which is named after the topic that I want to talk about, of course. Because there are too many things that are unnecessary for you guys to read. But yeah for sure i have saved it of course, maybe 4 years from now on, i will read the entry again? Hahaha. Tomorrow sounds good Alya.. ":/

Okay from now on i want to draft my entry with proper English. Alert! PROPER ENGLISH. Hahaha. I bet you will, Alya. Sounds pretty pretty funny right? Huhhhh. No way !duhhh, but i am trying to achieve the oh-so-big-dream. For your information, lately I have been gone for how many long? 8 a.m to around 12 p.m... 5 hours! I've spent about five hours at an abandoned kindergarten which has been transformed into a tuition centre, COOL huh? it has been 9 days from the day I started attending the tuition. Kewl gila kan? :X. It has been a quite packed schedule for me all these while. Haha. Packed la sgt. But at least my free time filled with things that can actually melt my brain? HAHA. Is it the correct word? MELT? Seriously, Alya? Whatever, duhh.

Okay I am pretty attracted to the package that has been proposed to me by the tuition centre. The first and the most important reason, Hamie and Alia will be there too. So i can chat with'em from 8 o'clock in the morning till noon. Second reason, it is Puan Mazyon's. Third reason of all, I will think about it later. Additional Mathematics is the most waited subject for all the students. Cause it is Puan Mazyon's subject. We all can understand what is she trying to teach us. So, I hope next year, my Add Maths marks will be better and greater like Anis. HAHA. So, A plus, come on, attach me! Before i forget, Gossip Girl Season 2 episode ....?? will air tonight! Can't wait to see pretty people like Blair, Serena, Nate and so on. hahhhhh.

Who wants to know that currently I am reading The Final Concert novel. HAHA. Which when it is translated to Bahasa, it will become Konserto Terakhir . Haha. GOTCHA! Shall i name the main characters of the story? Haha. Begaaa die. Hehe.

  1. Hilmi – a gardener from Kedah who's been sent to KL to stay with his uncle named Datuk Johari, have a great potential and talent to become a great pianist.
  2. Hayati – the only Datin Salmah*as far as i remembered* and Datuk Johari 's daughter. She is a pianist.
  3. Datin Salmah – a kurang ajar,bangsat punya anak kota.*ehem.language.* hayati's mother. She hates Hilmi because he is damn poor and do not have a great educational background.
  4. Mohsin – Hayati's fiancee,arrogant,handsome.
  5. Datuk Johari – kind hearted person,rich,old,x sedar diri punya datuk kind of.

HAHAHA, cool right? The month of January of 2010 has not come yet but I have already remembered the WATAK dan PERWATAKAN of this story. Big applause to me! HAHAHAHHH. The rain has fall cats and dogs. I must escape from this computer. Till we meet soon.

Good day,

Alya Az-Zahra.

Friday, December 11, 2009

okay, new entry

on your mark,get set, Go.

it's been a while since i haven't updated my blog. practically my dream to watch twilight saga:new moon movie still haven't been fullfilled yet. grrrrr. be patient je lah alya. i bet this whole dream won't come to reality at all! just imagine my every single friends have their own plans and currently most of them have a packed schedule. duhhh. just so you know, next year we will be sit for our SPM examination next year! yeahhhhhhhhhhhhh. i am hell "excited" right now! huhhh.some of my friends said that the movie's quite boring and some of them said the whole different thing. hahaha. i was .............. what? seriously? but of course lah kannnn. people have their own thoughts of something. but still, at least they have watched the movie! duhhhhhhhh. what about me? such a-not-up-to-date-person.! grrrr. okay it's already 11th of December and i haven't even barely touch my books. HAHA. kidding. ade lahh pegang. but to open it, it is sooo damn hard. dear devils, go hell away from me! HAHA. psycho. but whatever it is on the 17th of December the members of The Editorial Board of SMK BBB will be heading to the peak of a mountain! HAHAHA. it's Genting Highland by the way, duhh. hahaha. i am hell eager to go there. HAHA yelah tuuuu. i have been there daahh before this. no roller coaster, please. but it was a long time before, tapi x taw laaa kan, perhaps next week i will set a whole new me. which is a lot more braver and a lot more confident.kepale hotak la kaw alyaaaaaaaa. cakap lebeyy dow. ahahhaha doakan lah. because it will not worth it , because a theme park is a whole about this roller coaster thing. so, i think this is it. i have to stop typing right now. till we see again next time.

good day.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009


i am hell eager,anxious, my heart pounded so fast! hahah. the reason is- nk tgk new moon! hahahahhahahah. sakai,psyhcotic little human. repent la doe. HAHA. yeahh. this Friday! promise haaaaa. pastu nk usha2 baju2 lawaaa. hahah. tu je la kot.