Wednesday, October 24, 2012

So long, Farewell

Assalamualaikum and a very good morning fellas (well I'm writing this in the morning, so you must get it, rightttt) So where to start? There's a lot to tell and too much to absorb. Talking about too much to absorb, well that's the thing that I'm facing right now. Fuhh! Seriously! Being a university student needs a lot of tough love. :'( I'm so freaking cuak gila right now. But you know what they used to say that be careful what you wish for, cause you just might get it all, well that's what people said. We could always turn that all around. Give some positive vibes in it. I believe that Allah had planned everything in a perfectly manner. So we just have to return to him in whatever situation that we have, whether it's good or bad, always return to Allah.

Being a grown up teaches me a lot of things. From all different aspects. Urghh. I bet you guys mesti macam apsal Alya all cheesy meesy bagai nih? So to simplify  things that I wanna say is my life now is totally different  from Asasi's life. Oh goshhhhhhh I am sooo freakingly missed all of them sooo much right now :'( How I wish I could turn back time and enjoy every single awesome moments with them. Every day is so awesome back then when I was in Asasi, ASASI SAINS PERTANIAN IS SO FREAKINGLY AWESOME LA GUA CAKAP. We're so these underdogs yang tak payah nak brag all about our awesomeness and all cause we're cool liddat! HEHEHH. Watching the latest batch haing their Asasi War Games and all makes me so jealous. :'( we never had the chance to do all those things. Hmhhh. Rezeki masing2.

Degree's life, semua control ayu, control macho. Urghh. Ada la certain yg awesome. Bila masuk Kolej 17 ni, baru aku tahu maksud sebenar racist. Semua pun racist aku rasa, termasuk la ada seorang instructor ni. Urghhh. Instructor ye bukan lecturer. :) Please take a note about that.

So hopefully all these changes for the better, Insha Allah. Good day, Assalamualaikum :D