Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Sungai Reko

Oh God, looking back all of my previous past, writing back in high school immature years, really break me into laughs and tears. Well happy tears of course because of the big laughs. Haha. WHY IN THE WORLD I ALWAYS WRITE THE SAME KIND OF THIS REMINISCING THING DOHHHHHHH, BOSAN LAH BUT WHAT THE HELL I JUST WRITE WHAT I FEEL I WANNA WRITE.

The fact that all of these posts really show the immature, the dark side of me really did enlighten my day. Seriously. Kenapa lah dulu I was soooooooo full with hatred and jealousy? But one thing that I learned is that I am very good in hiding my feelings. I hate to share my feelings with people. I concealed everything. Well not everything. Never had the courage to express EVERYTHING to someone. I hate the idea that we have to share every single thing to someone. Can't we just keep it to ourselves? Entah, aku rasa numb gila la nowadays. I guess there's something wrong with my emotion well being. Rosak kot. Well speaking of dark side, I think I will always have the side of me that is quite dark, always, but people won't see it. Well that's what I think? Maybe? That I have succeeded to hide my dark side from people.

But to think about it, this whole writing blogging thing has really taught me how to express my feelings. My true feelings. People won't even read this entry right?  But what the hell. I haven't post any entry for a really long time. My last entry was on 2nd Dec 2013. That was like what? 2 years ago??? Damn it! I was soooo into Twitter and Facebook (HAHA SERIOUSLY ALYA FACEBOOK?) I forgot the very existence of Blogger that has taught me a lot of things about life. YEAH RIGHT. PFFFTTTT. God i still havent reach real maturity yet. What the hell is wrong with me? dah 22 kot woi. Well technically, I havent reached 22 year herherrrrr.

Well since I still dont have any topics in mind, why dont we talk about boyfriend/girlfriend. YUP I AM TALKING ABOUT THIS CRAP IDEA THAT YOU GOT TO OWN A PARTNER TO GO HAVE DATES AND SHARE ALL YOUR FREAKING DAILY BASIS WITH. I really hate when the aim of someone's life only revolves by berkasih-kasihan, dating, finding boyfriend girlfriend, kahwin2? I mean come onnnnnnnnnnnn kau duduk zaman gua lagi ke apa? Dont you have the dreams and ambition to change the world? To make it a better place? (Well obviously it's so freaking hard but why not kan?) Or any other dreams? To make Sungai2 dekat Malaysia ni A CLEANER PLACE? ESPECIALLY SUNGAI REKO. YUPPP SEKSYEN 5 BANDAR BARU BANGI REPRESENTS! AND I DONT PROUD OF THE CURRENT STATE/CONDITION OF SUNGAI REKO.

I mean come on, let's cut the crap here. And this one thing that I really hate (well this is weird actually) I hate when lelaki pun gedik2 jugak nak have a relationship. I mean come on, pondan gila kau? HAHAHA. But honestly , I have no idea why I have this idea that lelaki cannot have this lovey dovey feeling mcm perempuan. Mcm like soooooooo pondan. HAHAHAHHA I KNOWWWWW HOW STUPID I SOUNDED. HAHAHAHA SORRY GUYS. Crazy right? What the hell am I thinking? Humans are born with emotions. Regardless of their sex and gender. Why am i being so sexist here? ADOIYAIIIII. Tapi memang dah lama I thought of this. So yes. Again, this is my blog, my territoty suka hati la nak cakap apa. People have opinions. So it's just the matter that you want to accept it or reject it! FREEDOM OF SPEECH GUYS, COME ON. DEAL WITH IT. HAHA.

And satu lagi aku nak cakap, can we just take a step back for a while and be good to each other. Can't we just live peacefully? Can't we just see the good in people? Kenapa nak hina orang? Kenapa selalu nak cari salah orang? Kenapa ingat diri sendiri sahaja yang betul? As humans, WE ARE SYNONYMS WITH FLAWS. MANUSIA. NASIYA IN ARABIC IS LUPA. YES MANUSIA MUDAH LUPA. That's the idea! We have a freaking lots of flaws. Kenapa suka meninggi diri? Why we have to be arrogant? Why we have to make people feel like shit for the sake of our comfort? Damnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn. All of this is damned! After all, we are made of tanah guys. Tanah. The very lowest level that you can reach.

Oh godddd, multiple topics in one entry. Sorry guysss. Well I believe no one is gonna read this. So whaaaaaaaaaaattttttttttttttttttttt kannn. Like I care.

Oh oh and then, I hate it when people straight fall for someone because of their physical appearance. I MEAN COME ON. LOW SHALLOW HOLLOW GILA KAU. But let's accept the fact here that we human, WE LOVE TO SEE PRETTY THINGS.  BUT GUESS WHAT, PRETTY THINGS WONT LAST. YUP. THEY'RE NOT. How sad is that kannnnnnnnnnnnnnnn *speak in nada yang annoying gila babs*

Okay I think this is too much. Sorry guys. Oh lupa, no one's gonna read this -.-

Monday, December 2, 2013

Kenapa? Bila stress camni la h jadinyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaarghhhhhhhhhh

Sunday, September 15, 2013

He looks like rempit when I first met him but there's something about him that I'm pretty sure is not rempit at all.

So here goes.
1. I have successfully managed to enter the second year of medical school.
2. But before tht can happened, unfortunately I have to went trough VIVA
3. Which I was pretty devastated at first when I knew the news
4. I got that news on my way back home to Bangi from Pagoh on the 6th day of Raya
5. So you can pretty guess how was it. In the car, read the VIVA list which appeared to have my name, my heart was crashed at the moment
6. But I took the news very professionally, I didn't cry or scream or whatever.
7. Just a lil bit nervous on how will the VIVA will be conducted
8. The next day, I went back to K17 to revise all the hematology and immunology modules which I only manage to get level hidung punya markah, hence VIVA.
9. Thank god, for the other modules I manage to pass all of em
10. the day I went back to college was the day before the VIVA
11. So you can guess how nervous and scared I was
12. But just keep studying, thank Allah there were Min and Farah accompanied me that day
12. The day of VIVA, feel so cuak gila rasa gila gilagila
13. Tak payah nak gila sangat la kan
14. Did a little brief discussion with other friends on the questions that probably will be asked by the lecturers.
15. After waiting for almost 3 hours, my name was called
16. Enter the room, with all total of lecturers in front of me, I pretend to be all confident
17. and yeah, the fact that I can pretend and successfully to be freakingly confident in front of new people really is a VERY VERY GOOD THING
18. entered the room smiling to those lecturers
19. thank Allah, the session of VIVA was so damn awesome
20. the questions are okay, and manage to answer them well very quite smoothly
22. Siap boleh gelak2 dengan lecturers proved that the session was soooooooooooooooooooooooo incredible
23. Quite satisfied with it
24. And Alhamdulilla, 2 days after VIVA the result was out and alhamdulillah I passed the VIVA
25. Well that's the end of it.
26. Bye-bye
27. Assalamualaikum
28. And sure i'm writing all of these statements above in numbered form, you are not wrong.

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Once Upon A Time

I'm not gonna start my post with "Wow, it has been a very long time since i didnt post anything on my blog, blah blah" But technically I just posted those sentence right? Ok whatevssssssssss, haha tak kisah. Apa khabaq Bloggers yang semua nak cari glamour di alam maya yang secara tidak langsung popular juga di alam nyata kerana bijak bergaya, cantik, kaya, banyak duit boleh beli baju and etc. HEHE. Sentap muchhhhhhh.

Ok, next thing I'm gonna talk about is my experience in Kolej 17. Honestly la, kolej ni besau, penduduknya pon ramai, so chances nak terlibat dalam aktviti yang gempak mmg tipis la. Semua budak lain dah sapu. But the best thing about this college is aaaaa aaaaa HAHA gua pon x tahu. Maybe the kebudayaan cultural thingy la kot. Every year mmg confirm will gonna take home at least a trophy during Malam Gemilang Putra. What is Malam Gemilang Putra? Maybe you guys can google it and find it by yourselves lah. Malas saya nak bercerita berkenaan hal tersebut. HIHI.

So if you ask me what have I did during my stay in this college. Firstly, I involved in MGP tu. Choir team nyanyi2 kat belakang lagu boria cam org gila. Won second place! hehe, The performance is awesome, but one thing I wanna tell you guys the most IMPORTANT thing is the practice before the performance. Like seriouslyyyyyyy dude! We only finished practicing at 4 o'clock in the morning almost everyday. Mula2 practice sampai kol 12 ,1,2 mcm tu je then the practice got super intense when the day of the performance just around the corner. I was like, whyyy in the world I get myself involved in this thing in the first place. The audition to secure a place in the team was easy, I sang  What About Now by Daughtry and Hikmah Kembara by Mirwana. Nailed it. HAHAHAH BOO ALYA BOOOO. Then they asked me to sing more, they asked me to sing a female song, I have noooooo idea what song to sing, then they said it's okay, Then they asked me to sing Lagu Kita. Weh i feel that I ruined the song that night :( Arghhh gerammmm kenapa la x nyanyi lagu lain instead haha gerammm.

Then, ada satu malam tu malam srikandi ape jadah tah, macam Miss World but they turned it a total 180 degrees and make it more Islamic la, is it the right word? Islamic? Then there is akak senior ni suruh performed on that night several days before that srikandi night. I was like huhhhhhhhhhhhh? Then bila dia begging , I was like what the hell, boleh je lah. Part yang paling best is during my performance when I crasheddddddddddddd the whole event by not memorizing my lines in that song. BAHAHAHHAAAHHAH MALU GILA SIOT. But thank Allah, I know He's the greatest right, the crowd is only the girlsssssssssss. Fuh! Isn't that great?! HAHAH, segan woiiii segan.Guess what song I sang on tht night? hehe. A song performed by Nowseeheart group, I don't remember what the title is. The lyrics of the song kinda like this "Damainya dirasa melihat warnanya..... and so on" haaa kinda like that la kot? -.----

Then kalau cerita pasal Medic Idol pulak, huhhh mmg carik nahas laaaa kan. The judges are the fifth year student and one of them asked me to sing Rolling in The Deep by Adele. I was like wth. Then, I sang it, then after I finished singing, I accidentally broke a microphone. WOWWWWWWW ALYA TEPUK TANGAN SIKIT STANDING OVATION WOOT WOOT. Gila loser weh seriously. :OO Maybe I was not meant to sing in front of crowds. Allah still care for me and He wants me to sing only in front of my mahram? Maybe? I have no idea. But experience is the best teacher and I won't forget all these awesome experience!

Wahhhhhhhhh feel so relieved right now the fact that I can pour all my thought and feelings on this post it feels sooooooooooooooo good. Bye2!

Assalamualaikum! :)

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

So long, Farewell

Assalamualaikum and a very good morning fellas (well I'm writing this in the morning, so you must get it, rightttt) So where to start? There's a lot to tell and too much to absorb. Talking about too much to absorb, well that's the thing that I'm facing right now. Fuhh! Seriously! Being a university student needs a lot of tough love. :'( I'm so freaking cuak gila right now. But you know what they used to say that be careful what you wish for, cause you just might get it all, well that's what people said. We could always turn that all around. Give some positive vibes in it. I believe that Allah had planned everything in a perfectly manner. So we just have to return to him in whatever situation that we have, whether it's good or bad, always return to Allah.

Being a grown up teaches me a lot of things. From all different aspects. Urghh. I bet you guys mesti macam apsal Alya all cheesy meesy bagai nih? So to simplify  things that I wanna say is my life now is totally different  from Asasi's life. Oh goshhhhhhh I am sooo freakingly missed all of them sooo much right now :'( How I wish I could turn back time and enjoy every single awesome moments with them. Every day is so awesome back then when I was in Asasi, ASASI SAINS PERTANIAN IS SO FREAKINGLY AWESOME LA GUA CAKAP. We're so these underdogs yang tak payah nak brag all about our awesomeness and all cause we're cool liddat! HEHEHH. Watching the latest batch haing their Asasi War Games and all makes me so jealous. :'( we never had the chance to do all those things. Hmhhh. Rezeki masing2.

Degree's life, semua control ayu, control macho. Urghh. Ada la certain yg awesome. Bila masuk Kolej 17 ni, baru aku tahu maksud sebenar racist. Semua pun racist aku rasa, termasuk la ada seorang instructor ni. Urghhh. Instructor ye bukan lecturer. :) Please take a note about that.

So hopefully all these changes for the better, Insha Allah. Good day, Assalamualaikum :D

Friday, May 18, 2012


I watched this series in 4 days only. -.- Gila kaw Alya. Istighfar sikittt -.- Btw, Ivy Lynn is wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy better than Katherine Mcphee! Sorry to say :/

Love The Way You Lie

What's up with the title Alya? Like seriously don't be so lame. Okay guess what? I have finished my Foundation studies, and now yaaaaaaaaaa I'm at home doing NOTHING. OKAY NOTHING! and I'm quite pissed with myself. I just don't have any idea what I'm going to do on this very long holiday. Okay, it really does feels like going back to the after-spm-period which I stay at home and do absolutely nothing. So sad huh? While watching my friends getting jobs and getting obviously the most important of them'all is money! Yaaaa, money! apa lagi kannn. I'm not be that type of person which is ungrateful or what, but it just I get easily bored when I'm at home.

Whatever it is, Yesterday, my brother and me picked up Umi at her school and we went shopping for Teacher's Day. Huda celebrated Teacher's Day at her school today, so my mom and I went to Warta to buy some kitchen towels for Huda's teachers. We bought like A LOT of towels. And you know what, I felt sooooooooooo refreshed! after all these time lepaking and tidur sampai pukul satu punya rutin. *EH NOT EVERYDAY TAW, SEMALAM JE, sebab I slept at 5 am. so make sense lah kan HEHE* Itu lah Alya, pilah joging pagi2 like Abuya had told ya... -.- Ini tidur sampai pukul berapa. Apa nak jadi... And btw I didn't missed my Subuh. Solat is my priority. :D HAH! Sorry la post macam lame sikit, lame as in, in English taw. -.-

Talking about admission to degree in September, I still have no idea what UPM is going to give me. Hopefully they will grant my first choice from the application form that I have submitted. Amin.....

Next stop, I'm gonna tell you a lil bit about life in UPM during my foundation days. Awwwwww' :') Missed the old days. HAHA,old la sangat baru 2 minggu. -.-