Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Once Upon A Time

I'm not gonna start my post with "Wow, it has been a very long time since i didnt post anything on my blog, blah blah" But technically I just posted those sentence right? Ok whatevssssssssss, haha tak kisah. Apa khabaq Bloggers yang semua nak cari glamour di alam maya yang secara tidak langsung popular juga di alam nyata kerana bijak bergaya, cantik, kaya, banyak duit boleh beli baju and etc. HEHE. Sentap muchhhhhhh.

Ok, next thing I'm gonna talk about is my experience in Kolej 17. Honestly la, kolej ni besau, penduduknya pon ramai, so chances nak terlibat dalam aktviti yang gempak mmg tipis la. Semua budak lain dah sapu. But the best thing about this college is aaaaa aaaaa HAHA gua pon x tahu. Maybe the kebudayaan cultural thingy la kot. Every year mmg confirm will gonna take home at least a trophy during Malam Gemilang Putra. What is Malam Gemilang Putra? Maybe you guys can google it and find it by yourselves lah. Malas saya nak bercerita berkenaan hal tersebut. HIHI.

So if you ask me what have I did during my stay in this college. Firstly, I involved in MGP tu. Choir team nyanyi2 kat belakang lagu boria cam org gila. Won second place! hehe, The performance is awesome, but one thing I wanna tell you guys the most IMPORTANT thing is the practice before the performance. Like seriouslyyyyyyy dude! We only finished practicing at 4 o'clock in the morning almost everyday. Mula2 practice sampai kol 12 ,1,2 mcm tu je then the practice got super intense when the day of the performance just around the corner. I was like, whyyy in the world I get myself involved in this thing in the first place. The audition to secure a place in the team was easy, I sang  What About Now by Daughtry and Hikmah Kembara by Mirwana. Nailed it. HAHAHAH BOO ALYA BOOOO. Then they asked me to sing more, they asked me to sing a female song, I have noooooo idea what song to sing, then they said it's okay, Then they asked me to sing Lagu Kita. Weh i feel that I ruined the song that night :( Arghhh gerammmm kenapa la x nyanyi lagu lain instead haha gerammm.

Then, ada satu malam tu malam srikandi ape jadah tah, macam Miss World but they turned it a total 180 degrees and make it more Islamic la, is it the right word? Islamic? Then there is akak senior ni suruh performed on that night several days before that srikandi night. I was like huhhhhhhhhhhhh? Then bila dia begging , I was like what the hell, boleh je lah. Part yang paling best is during my performance when I crasheddddddddddddd the whole event by not memorizing my lines in that song. BAHAHAHHAAAHHAH MALU GILA SIOT. But thank Allah, I know He's the greatest right, the crowd is only the girlsssssssssss. Fuh! Isn't that great?! HAHAH, segan woiiii segan.Guess what song I sang on tht night? hehe. A song performed by Nowseeheart group, I don't remember what the title is. The lyrics of the song kinda like this "Damainya dirasa melihat warnanya..... and so on" haaa kinda like that la kot? -.----

Then kalau cerita pasal Medic Idol pulak, huhhh mmg carik nahas laaaa kan. The judges are the fifth year student and one of them asked me to sing Rolling in The Deep by Adele. I was like wth. Then, I sang it, then after I finished singing, I accidentally broke a microphone. WOWWWWWWW ALYA TEPUK TANGAN SIKIT STANDING OVATION WOOT WOOT. Gila loser weh seriously. :OO Maybe I was not meant to sing in front of crowds. Allah still care for me and He wants me to sing only in front of my mahram? Maybe? I have no idea. But experience is the best teacher and I won't forget all these awesome experience!

Wahhhhhhhhh feel so relieved right now the fact that I can pour all my thought and feelings on this post it feels sooooooooooooooo good. Bye2!

Assalamualaikum! :)

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