Sunday, September 15, 2013

He looks like rempit when I first met him but there's something about him that I'm pretty sure is not rempit at all.

So here goes.
1. I have successfully managed to enter the second year of medical school.
2. But before tht can happened, unfortunately I have to went trough VIVA
3. Which I was pretty devastated at first when I knew the news
4. I got that news on my way back home to Bangi from Pagoh on the 6th day of Raya
5. So you can pretty guess how was it. In the car, read the VIVA list which appeared to have my name, my heart was crashed at the moment
6. But I took the news very professionally, I didn't cry or scream or whatever.
7. Just a lil bit nervous on how will the VIVA will be conducted
8. The next day, I went back to K17 to revise all the hematology and immunology modules which I only manage to get level hidung punya markah, hence VIVA.
9. Thank god, for the other modules I manage to pass all of em
10. the day I went back to college was the day before the VIVA
11. So you can guess how nervous and scared I was
12. But just keep studying, thank Allah there were Min and Farah accompanied me that day
12. The day of VIVA, feel so cuak gila rasa gila gilagila
13. Tak payah nak gila sangat la kan
14. Did a little brief discussion with other friends on the questions that probably will be asked by the lecturers.
15. After waiting for almost 3 hours, my name was called
16. Enter the room, with all total of lecturers in front of me, I pretend to be all confident
17. and yeah, the fact that I can pretend and successfully to be freakingly confident in front of new people really is a VERY VERY GOOD THING
18. entered the room smiling to those lecturers
19. thank Allah, the session of VIVA was so damn awesome
20. the questions are okay, and manage to answer them well very quite smoothly
22. Siap boleh gelak2 dengan lecturers proved that the session was soooooooooooooooooooooooo incredible
23. Quite satisfied with it
24. And Alhamdulilla, 2 days after VIVA the result was out and alhamdulillah I passed the VIVA
25. Well that's the end of it.
26. Bye-bye
27. Assalamualaikum
28. And sure i'm writing all of these statements above in numbered form, you are not wrong.

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