Thursday, October 27, 2011


What's pergh? it's like an expression for something cool,amazing,hebat, menakjubkan and something associates with those things. BTW, it's very long time since I posted my previous post on my blog. Quite a hectic life now huh? POYOOOO BOOOOOOOO. But seriously, I am damn busy these days, with the assignments, tutorials, presentations, dealing with incapability with cooking(since my parents went to Mecca, there is nobody cooks at home. Sad huh? HAHAHAHH.LOSER betol.

Well whatever it is, I'm still teaching my self to be a more independent person, since you know, entering a world called college -.- kene dok asrama bagai, before this tak pernah pon duduk asrama. AH-MA-ZING KAN?HAHAH. -.- I have to wash my own clothes using my own bare hand! (YES NO WASHING MACHINE, HOW SAD THIS CAN BE?!) I have to buy food for survival whenever I'm hungry in my room, waiting for bus to come over and pick us up (I used to wait for almost 1 hour kot) -.- tapi sekali je kot mende tu, thank God! Then several things that are literally are those of my FIRST TIME DOING IT. hehhh. Sadis betol, this is what we called it as NOOB. MUAHAHAHH.

What else, oh yes, before i forgot, I met some new friends here. They are really super something, each of them have their own perspective in life(bullshit la Alya, poyooooo HAHA) and of course have their own pe'el. Alaaaa pe'el yg fe'el dalam Arabic language tuuuu. haha. Yes,I met a lot of friends here. All the way from my own room friends to classmate friends. But sadly, ada jugak manusia yang weirdo sikit. Cakap2 punye la baik,kat luar buat mende merapu jugak. Cakap banyak tak guna jugak cik kak oiiiiii, HEHHHHH. Why bother so much,Alya? let them be (:
Pen off.Good day. Salam (:
IIUM's Convocation Ceremony (: