Friday, May 18, 2012

Love The Way You Lie

What's up with the title Alya? Like seriously don't be so lame. Okay guess what? I have finished my Foundation studies, and now yaaaaaaaaaa I'm at home doing NOTHING. OKAY NOTHING! and I'm quite pissed with myself. I just don't have any idea what I'm going to do on this very long holiday. Okay, it really does feels like going back to the after-spm-period which I stay at home and do absolutely nothing. So sad huh? While watching my friends getting jobs and getting obviously the most important of them'all is money! Yaaaa, money! apa lagi kannn. I'm not be that type of person which is ungrateful or what, but it just I get easily bored when I'm at home.

Whatever it is, Yesterday, my brother and me picked up Umi at her school and we went shopping for Teacher's Day. Huda celebrated Teacher's Day at her school today, so my mom and I went to Warta to buy some kitchen towels for Huda's teachers. We bought like A LOT of towels. And you know what, I felt sooooooooooo refreshed! after all these time lepaking and tidur sampai pukul satu punya rutin. *EH NOT EVERYDAY TAW, SEMALAM JE, sebab I slept at 5 am. so make sense lah kan HEHE* Itu lah Alya, pilah joging pagi2 like Abuya had told ya... -.- Ini tidur sampai pukul berapa. Apa nak jadi... And btw I didn't missed my Subuh. Solat is my priority. :D HAH! Sorry la post macam lame sikit, lame as in, in English taw. -.-

Talking about admission to degree in September, I still have no idea what UPM is going to give me. Hopefully they will grant my first choice from the application form that I have submitted. Amin.....

Next stop, I'm gonna tell you a lil bit about life in UPM during my foundation days. Awwwwww' :') Missed the old days. HAHA,old la sangat baru 2 minggu. -.-


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